"I was reminded again on Sunday of what an intuitive teacher you are. I constantly wonder "how does she know my eyebrows are tense?  Or how does she know that I can take this stretch a bit further?" Your gentle guidance and perceptions are so holistic. I've worked with a lot of yoga teachers throughout the years. You're one of the best if not 'the best.'" -D

"As a busy graduate student and yoga teacher myself, sometimes I forget to take time to recharge. Even after just one private session with Erin, I felt recharged, rested, and rejuvenated. I started meeting with Erin more often and noticed a substantial shift in my energy, despite that I was encountering the same daily stressors as before. I felt more grounded and better able to deal with daily life. Erin’s approach to teaching yoga is one of a true healer. She created a safe atmosphere, where I could easily reconnect with myself. I trust that Erin’s teaching is right for anyone looking for nourishment, restoration, and a deepened connection with their truth." -Jackie Kamradt

"I did your class after my baby went to bed and it was the first full yoga practice I've done since she was born. IT FELT SO GOOD! It's honestly the best my body has felt in a long time, which is making me feel so inspired to stick with it!" -L

“I practice yoga regularly, so I admit to being quite surprised that my session with Erin actually taught me new things. From experience, I can confidently say that Erin has the training and innate skills to help people of all ages and abilities.” – AF


“I’ve practiced with Erin for several years, and consider her to be among my yoga mentors. She has a gift for meeting her students wherever they are on their journey. Her instructive tone is clear and confident, allowing me to relax into my practice. My painfully tight shoulders will be forever grateful to her for the restorative poses she’s taught me. All of these traits – adaptability, clear communication and a good understanding of anatomy and related poses – are important in a yoga instructor, and Erin has them in spades. But what I appreciate the very most about Erin is that she is so relatable and brings a wonderful sense of approachability and humor to the practice. I leave my time with her feeling lighter in both body and spirit.” –Allie


“Thank you for the grace you show to us and to yourself. You are truly a fantastic teacher and I believe you have so much to share with our world.” -K

“Last night’s class was amazing! I  found the body check in at beginning and end very enlightening. I don’t usually have such a clear perspective on the amount of good practice that has taken place. I tried to replicate that technique this morning in my practice and it was very useful. Thank you.” –DB


“When I was in my early 40’s, my normal de-stress/de-anxiety routine stopped being as effective as I needed it to be and I was burning out fast. A friend insisted that I call Erin and even though I wasn’t familiar with it, I took a chance out of desperation. She was pleasant, professional and immediately put me at ease – she asks all the right questions and tailors my sessions to my needs every time.” –VB

“I have so much gratitude for Erin, who helped me establish a regular yoga practice. Her deep experience and calm presence is a perfect combination for new and experienced yogis. Classes with Erin are always a delight!” –Sheila