Live Classes

Self-Care Yoga on Sunday Night

7-8PM Central on Zoom

Drop-in – $12

Monthly membership – $39

*If you plan to attend live on Zoom, you must book your spot in class each week, even if you have a membership. Simply scroll to the schedule on this page and click the “Sign Up” button for the class you wish to attend!


About the Class

I started self-care yoga to help stave off the infamous “Sunday night blues.” This class provides a way to move out of weekend mode and into the work week with a greater sense of restoration, balance, and connectedness. Reserve some time to nurture your whole self: body, mind, and  spirit, on Sunday evenings.

6:45 – Optional check-in (not recorded)

Connection and interdependence are at the heart of yoga tradition. Each week before class, all are invited to come and check-in by listening, sharing, or just being present. I provide a discussion prompt that relates to yoga, but there is no expectation to speak. All are welcome. Come as you are. 

7:00 – Asana practice (only my screen recorded)

The physical portion of class is an all-levels blend of several yoga styles (Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative). We ease in with mindfulness and breath awareness, then warm the body with fluid, mindful movement. Most classes include a 20 minute period of strength-based standing postures, held for several breaths each, to give the body a chance to really feel and experience the shapes.  Each class also includes a wind-down time to cool the body and ease into final relaxation. 

7:50 – Savasana (final relaxation), guided meditation, silence.

The last 5-10 minutes of class are reserved for stillness and silence. I help center the body and mind with some simple relaxation cues, or sometimes a longer, guided meditation. We always spend a few minutes in silence. This is the time for your mind and body to absorb the benefits of your practice, and to practice doing nothing.