Give Yoga 2020

2020 is coming to a long-awaited close, and as we head into the winter months, we are also approaching the hardest stretch of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yoga is needed now more than ever in our lifetimes, and I am committed to helping you gift yoga to the people you love and care for.

We know that the practice of yoga reduces stress, improves immune function, balances mood, lowers blood pressure, aides in sleep, and leads to an increased sense of well-being.

Yoga is the birthright of anyone with a body, and as someone who wholeheartedly believes this, I will do everything I can to help you gift yoga to those you love and care for. 

ALL of my yoga gifts in 2020 are two for one, meaning you can select TWO recipients for each gift you purchase. Please reach out to me if these options still do not meet your financial needs.

Remember – I’m not selling yoga. Yoga isn’t something that can be sold. I AM supporting my family with my time and skillset while attempting to live authentically and responsibly in this yoga-sharing world.

This season, please consider gifting someone with yoga practices that will benefit them over the coming months and throughout their lives.

2020 Gift Options

Self-Care Yoga

Gentle stretch and movement for stress-relief
(Formerly Chill Out Yoga)

Treat your recipient to this gentle class, designed to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and balance mood. We have a different self-care focus each week, and all postures are practiced on the floor, often with the use of blankets or pillows. All levels, all bodies welcome!

Every Sunday, 7-8PM Central on Zoom

Recipients Receive:
Access to one or several classes (see order form)
Access to class recording for one week

$16 per class
$56 for one month

These Sunday night classes are the absolute best part of my week.

-Sunday night yoga student

BEGIN Yoga Course for New Students

Get on your mat!

Give your recipient a complete yoga foundations course. We'll learn 40 essential poses, pose variations and modifications, plus breath work and meditation. This course is pre-recorded in video format, and I will release one class per week, to keep content manageable and digestible. Students have indefinite access to the course material - come back and practice all you like or save the course for a time it works better in your life/schedule.

Jan-Feb 2021
One class per week, on your schedule

Recipients Receive:
- 8 Full Length video classes
- PDF posters of essential beginner Asanas (postures) with descriptions
- Weekly prompts for self-reflection
- Weekly email check-ins from me and on-demand email Q&A/coaching

Cost: $199

I feel like I'm discovering this hidden gem. I am SO glad I found yoga and I know I will be practicing regularly from here on out.

-BEGIN Yoga Student

GROW Yoga Course for Established Students


Deepen your practice

For folks with a bit of foundational yoga experience, this course will help develop and deepen your practice. We'll explore more intermediate Asanas, learn to better tailor your personal practice, and delve deeper into Pranayam and meditation. We will also begin to explore the 8-limbed path through guided self-reflection. This course meets 8 times; once per week LIVE on Zoom (recordings are yours for download).

Jan-Feb 2021
Wednesdays, 6-7PM Central on Zoom

Recipients Receive:
-8 Full Length live classes
- Option to download class video recordings
- PDF posters of intermediate Asanas with descriptions
- Weekly self-reflection prompts
- Weekly email check-ins from me and on-demand email Q&A/coaching

Cost: $199

I’ve practiced with Erin for several years, and consider her to be among my yoga mentors. She has a gift for meeting her students wherever they are on their journey. Her instructive tone is clear and confident, allowing me to relax into my practice.

-regular student

Yoga Gift Card

Let your recipient choose how to spend their yoga gift. Gift cards are redeemable for any and all of my yoga offerings and they do not expire.

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