About Me

Teaching yoga was never my plan. 

I entered the professional world an elementary school teacher, because of my love for children. But after five years in the classroom, I was physically, emotionally, and spiritually exhausted. My body knew this before my mind, and I struggled with weight fluctuations, acne, depression, anxiety and infertility.

I left teaching, but my struggles followed me, and more surfaced. My marriage and relationships began to suffer. For two years I experienced what I would describe as my dark night of the soul.

It was during this time that I discovered yoga and began to move forward on my own path of self-discovery. In yoga I learned to access the smaller muscle groups in my body, and hear the quieter parts of my mind. I started to pay attention and respond to the messages my body was sending me. Over time, I experienced dramatic change in the ways I related to myself and the world. I found my voice and the ability to know my desires. I developed self-compassion. I became present, aware, awake, and authentic in ways I hadn’t been before.

In 2011 I trained as an instructor in Toronto, Canada, and at the end of my training I discovered that I was pregnant with my first child.

Now as a mom to three kids, my practice might include a Sun Salutation in the kitchen while we’re waiting on the microwave, or simply a centering breath when I hear my kids start to fight.

These tools may sound small, but they’ve had dramatic effects in my life and on my ability to parent with more patience and understanding.

Yoga has been transformational for me, and I share what I have learned and am still learning about yoga traditions with my students. I’m also fascinated by present day science and psychology related to yoga, and enjoy linking new research to ancient wisdom.

My deepest passion as an instructor is to help people to move from stress to relaxation, and to know the power that comes from being able to access their true nature and deepest peace, even in the most stressful times.

Top photo: Alex Bush
Bottom photo: Jenny Parker