Current Opportunities & Schedule:

In Person in Iowa City

Gentle Yoga – Sundays 6-7PM, Ashton House, Register HERE or Drop-In $15

Strength and Mobility Yoga – Tuesdays 6-7PM, Ashton House. Register HERE or Drop-In $15

"I went to my chiropractor after 7 months and they were THRILLED with how my body was aligned. I told them about yoga and they affirmed that that was likely why my body was doing so well."
- K.
"I've been itching to return to exercise for a while but it's been hard to figure out, and my body is in such a different state than before giving birth. I love how your approach makes modifications and tuning in really central, and that's been key to getting moving again."
"I have learned an incredible amount about my body and mind and my yoga practice has never been more enjoyable. I also am practicing at a rate I haven’t done in years, because you’ve taught me how to work around what doesn’t serve my body."
- C.
"I am feeling totally revived and refreshed after a rough night of sleep and an emotional evening last night. Yoga is truly restorative when it is done with you! Thank you!"
- K.

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